Fish Oil Strength – What Is Best?

With the sheer popularity of this comes its variants. Many brands have now started to use what they call as “fish oil strength” to showcase the potency of their formulation. But what is really the best strength in this supplements? Is double strength and triple strength formulations really better than the regular supplements available? Are their heftier prices worth it?

If you take a look at the formulation of one of those advertised “double strength fish oil,” you will notice they contain different amounts of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Does the “double strength” promise to offer you twice the amount of DHA and EPA? Yes, but not quite.

Regular formulations of high quality this supplements contain at least 500mg of combined DHA and EPA. This means at least 50% of its formulation contains the active ingredients that actually bring about health benefits. But taking more of the active ingredients is not necessarily healthy.

There is a reason why health companies target Ibutamoren MK-677 for sale providing only 500mg of DHA and EPA fats in their formulations. First of all, this amount is enough to achieve real results. Second, this is the most potent amount of active ingredient that can be extracted in fish. Doubling the content of omega-3 fatty acids in a formulation can mean doubling the mercury you get. Unless it has undergone the process called molecular distillation, the oil may contain trace levels of mercury, lead, PCBs and other toxins that are harmful to the health. If you trust an unreliable brand to give you twice its strength, imagine taking in twice the toxins. For a health company to be able to produce a safe double strength its formulation, they must promise a more advanced purification process that can get rid of toxins more efficiently.

Second, note that there is such thing as “too much” fish oil. Taking double strength of this means you are taking more at one time. For maintenance and supplementation, a fish oil dosage of more than 4 grams is highly discouraged. You see, high doses of fish oil taken at prolonged periods can lead to inability of platelets to aggregate. Remember that fish oil have excellent blood thinning capabilities; this can lead to excessive bleeding in accidents and injuries.

So what is really the best when it comes to its strength? To tell you the truth, fish oil strength does not really have to matter. What you should aim for is choosing the right fish oil formulation that gives you potent doses of omega-3 DHA and EPA, while providing the least and safest level of toxins. As long as you take in the right amount of omega-3 daily, double or regular strength, fish oil supplements can provide all the promised health benefits and more.