Identifying Your Niche Market

The internet is a big place, but even so, it,s not big enough to accommodate everyone who wishes to be part of the general internet mainstream. For instance, if you wish to set up an online dating service, you are going to be competing with a lot of other dating sites. The same degree of saturation can be found in other internet market sectors such as online casinos, online poker rooms, adult sites, and online bookstores.

Competing with established businesses in your industry would be akin to beating your head against an unyielding wall; it would be futile. Instead of unsuccessfully trying to go head-to-head with the pioneers in their field, why not be the pioneer in your own field? Find your niche market and stand out.

Niche Market: A Definition and Some Examples

A niche market is a small or specific part of a mainstream Sommerseo market. To use the aforementioned mainstreams, in the mainstream of online dating, a dating service for the Chinese and people who want to meet Chinese dates is an example of a niche. In the mainstream of online casinos, an online casino dedicated to blackjack is a niche. In the mainstream of online poker, a site that offers only Texas Hold,em is a niche. In the same vein, an adult site with Asian content is a niche in the mainstream of adult sites, and an online bookstore specializing in the classics is a niche in the online book sales.

Niche Market: The Rationale

You need to find your niche market so that you can avoid being eternally overshadowed by your competition. By focusing your sales marketing and sales efforts to a particular market segment and by narrowly defining your services or your products, you can create a distinct identity which will set you apart from other service providers or businesses in your sector or industry.

While there,s merit in the argument that by narrowly limiting your market, you may be excluding people that could have been part of your customer base, there,s also merit in the old saying that counsels, It,s better to be a big fish in a small pond. That is, by providing a service or a product that other bigger companies cannot provide, you can acquire your own loyal base of customers who would be hard pressed to replace you as their service provider.