My Twins and Their Goalkeeper Shirts

Almost everyone in the family is in football. My husband used to play for a national football team, and my two sons are also in their school’s football team. Maybe it runs in the blood. They really love the sport and not in a week when we would all watch games (recorded and not) on the television. Our living room would be filled with cheers and excitements. In a way, I have learned to love the sport too! My husband and I are also in every game of our sons. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you see your sons in the field wearing goalkeeper shirts and doing their bests. It simply makes us proud.

Oh, did I mention that my sons are twins? And I must say are equally good in playing football. Both of them also play as goalkeepers wearing goalkeeper shirts. Of course, you couldn’t have two goalkeepers at the same time. So while one of them is on the field, the other one serves as a backup whenever the other is tired. Their coach is also equally impressed by the two and doesn’t have any qualms about them taking each other’s places from time to time.

It came as a surprise to us though that they are actually interested in football and not to mention really good in it. It was during their primary years in school when they showed รวมเว็บแทงบอลufabet undeniable talent and interest in playing football. My husband couldn’t be any prouder and always boasting that our sons inherited his skills. During the prime years of my husband he wasn’t wearing goalkeeper shirts, he was one of his team’s defenders. Nonetheless it takes sheer skills to be good in the sport.

During those times, my husband started to train them in our local park. We went to the sports shop to buy them their very first junior football equipment. How adorable they are in the football jerseys and goalkeeper shirts. Right then I knew they are going to do very well in football. They simply have that aura of determination and confidence. And I wasn’t wrong.

When they entered college, they were already making name and establishing their mark in the local junior football league. It didn’t take long before they too were included as members of the school’s varsity football players. My husband and I cried with pride when we saw them wore their first goalkeeper shirts as official members of their school’s football team and competing for the state finals.