Puerto Rico Water Taxi

Puerto Rico is one of the most incredible kept privileged insights in the Caribbean! In addition to the fact that it is home to the main US tropical rainforest and three of just five bioluminescent bayous on the planet, its precious stone waters, white sand sea shores and vast reefs won’t make you ever need to get back. Notwithstanding every one of the exercises in Puerto Rico on the central area, there are a ton exercises to do seaward also!

The east shoreline of Puerto Rico is the flight point for large numbers of the outings which will take you to different islands. Icacos Island, Palomino Island, Palominito Island, Lobos Island… you understand! Be that as it may, every island is unique:

Icacos Island is a little piece of heaven off the fajardo taxi eastern shoreline of Puerto Rico which must be reached by water taxi. The sea shores are white and the water is blue without any structures on the island to over-indulge the landscape. The water taxi ride from Fajardo requires around 20 minutes and merits consistently! We suggest that you bring a few food and beverages and make a day of it! There are no bathrooms or eateries on this island so plan appropriately.

Palomino Island is a 100 section of land desert spring straight east of Fajardo. This island brings a lot to the table! Exercises incorporate horseback riding, stream skis, swimming and other water sports. This island is home to Iguana’s, a waterfront bistro offering burgers, fish, tropical beverages and substantially more. This is really a private island, however portions of it are leased by the Conquistador Hotel and hence… essentially open to people in general! The gossip is that the proprietor of the island gets compensated $30,000 each month just to utilize part of his island. Not an awful gig!